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Mother on the edge of sanity

Quick info on me before my question.
I am married. 3 kids. Ages 4, 2.5 and 1. Two boys and a girl in the middle. I am a SAHM and hubby works day shift.

Here is my problem.

My one year old will not sleep thru the night. I was spoiled with my others. They slept mostly thru the night from 2-3 months old. There were phases that they woke up 1 or2 times a night. I just don't know how to deal with this.

Thomas, my youngest, wakes up anywhere from 4-10 times a night. He is still on the bottle. We are just now starting to wean him off the bottle. Currentlly he has a bottle before nap time and a bottle before bed time. Then he has 2 more bottles in the middle of the night. It is the only way I know to get him back to sleep. I know it isn't the best idea.

Thomas is teething pretty good also. I have tried giving him motrin, hylands teething tabs, orajel, tylenol and Dr. Hands teething lotion. Nothing works. There are times he wakes up every 20 min.

I am the only one who gets up with him because I don't want to wake my DH up since he has to be to work early. He sleeps in a crib in our room. When/if he starts sleeping thru the night he will be moved in with his older brother.

Thomas takes one nap a day. Around 1 pm he and his sibs go down for a 2 hour nap. My eldest doesn't take a nap but he does quiet time for about an hour. Thomas just kind of faints at 1-ish. I have tried keeping him up but it doesn't work very well. He was just taking 30 min naps and he was cranky all day and still didn't sleep well.

I am not a fan of CIO. Not only do I just not like the baby crying but I also don't want the whole house woke up. Thomas has a massive set of lungs. However, I cannot go on like this much longer. Trying to do preschool work with my oldest and my niece 4 days a week on this little sleep plus all the mommy/wifey stuff is killing me.

Any help would be apperciated. Please give it in a nice manner. I have asked for advice on other things in other communities and just got attacked for what I was doing. Just please advise with out being mean. Thanks
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