antonia3001 (antonia3001) wrote in toddlertime,

Toddler bullies?

There's a boy at the weekly play gym we go to that I think might be a bully. A few weeks ago he pushed my son really hard, the following week he scratched him on the face and yesterday bit him really hard on the arm. 10 minutes later the same boy bit someone ELSE.

Up until yesterday I was pretty forgiving since my own son plays very physically and they're both toddlers learning impulse control. Usually these incidents start with mild pushing between them. But my son is smiling and laughing and PLAYING whereas this other boy sometimes seems like he's out to get my son from the very start and his attitude is malicious.

I commented to this boy's mother that it was so strange how they got into it every time. And she replied that she thought it was because the boys were so similar in aggression...which is so not the case!

The fact that she didn't remove her son from the play area allowing him to go on to bite another child and still didn't remove him after the second incident tells me the problem is really with her.

How would you deal with a parent in this situation who doesn't seem to get teaching her child not to hurt other children?
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