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Parents surviving/enjoying their toddler time.

Parents of past, present, and future toddlers

Enjoying the toddler years (toddler time)
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Welcome to the place where parents (and others) can sit and chat about all the little amazing (and not so amazing) things our toddlers do.

Have questions? Ask them
Have pictures? Post them (please use lj-cut if you are posting more then one or if they are large)
Have stories? Tell them

Skies are the limit!

Everyone knows that those toddler years aren't always easy to handle. They have their good days and their bad. I thought it was time that there was a place that everyone could get together and talk about their Toddlers.

So if you have a toddler, had a toddler, are going to have a toddler, or remember being a toddler, let's get through the toddler stage together!

Please let everyone know about us!!

Please keep cross-posting to a minimum. I dont think two or three communities would be that bad, just keep in mind that most people have several parenting communities on their friend's list.

Community promos should be kept to a minimum.

If anyone has any websites that they might help others in dealing with their own toddlers, please feel free to share, and I will try to get them into the user info.

This community was started by littlepaleangel, so please direct any questions or suggestions to her journal or email at littlepaleangel @ Livejournal.com

The co-mod is jazminda who can be contacted at jazminda @ livejournal.com if there is a problem.

Play nicely please!!

SO please come on in. Introduce yourself and have a ball!

Possible Websites of interest

40 developmental Assets for Toddlers
Dealing With Toddlers
Links to different types of info on toddlers
Parents of Toddlers Message Board
Some table manners for toddlers
Toddler Safety
Toddler moms. Tons of Activities for your little ones
Another set of links of toddler sites. You can find some good info off of here.
When you toddler doesnt want to eat.
Toddlerstoday.com: The toddler resource site
Vegan toddlers
Benefits of Breastfeeding your toddlers.
Potty training tips. though you can find more just by checking through google.