antonia3001 (antonia3001) wrote in toddlertime,

Biting - NAK

My 2.5-year-old bit a boy on the face today at the playground. This is his first biting incident. And unfortunately I wasn't there to see it, my mother was watching him. I'm a bit horrified at the prospect of having a biter. I'm really hoping that this was a one-time thing but I doubt it.

Have any biting advice or resources?

I suspect that my mother was following him around the playground constantly correcting him, as she is inclined to do, and that he got frustrated and acted on his frustration. We also have a new baby in this equation. She had BoyWookie apologize. and when I got back from changing the baby and discovered all this I told him that we were done at the playground and leaving immediately and he started wailing while the infant was also crying. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

arg! It has been quite a day.
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