frankenbury (frankenbury) wrote in toddlertime,

pictures for fun. It is great when more people post on this blog!

This is a picture I took with my phone about a month ago. She's a little over 2 years old. (b-day 12/31/06)

And here is one of Cadence and I when she was about 7 months old...

Lately, she doesn't want to do anything I ask her to do.
My friend just went to see Jeanine Fitzgerald speak the other day, and she was telling me how the power struggle ages are 2-6 (approx) and adolescence. She said that the way your child acts out as a toddler (and the way you deal with it) sets the tone for adolescence. Wow. I know it might seem obvious to some, but I am constantly blown away by how important it is for us to be in our children's lives when they are young.
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