Rhiannon (rhi_baby_book) wrote in toddlertime,


Hi, I'm a new member. I've got a little boy, Benjamin, who will be 2 in July, and another baby due in November. Just posting with a query.

Ben woke up from his afternoon nap with a rash on his arms and legs. He was miserable when he woke up but cheered up within 10 mins. The rash faded but came back again when my husband gave him his bath before bed.

It's not menningitis (glass test), measles, mumps or rubella (mmr) and I'm ruling out chicken pox for now too cos he isn't scratching and it's flat rather than raised. He has had a low appetite and been slightly out of sorts since sunday, though getting better through the week. I'm wondering if it is a late symptom of some virus he has had. Will see if it is still there in the morning and if it is take him to the GP. Didn't see the point of sitting in A and E once I'd worked out from google that it probably wasn't anything serious.

Anyone seen anything similar?
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