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Switching to toddler bed

Hi, I'm new. I have a 27.5 month old who is starting to climb out of her convertible crib and has already climbed over the safety gate that we put up in her room.

My question is, how do you get a little one to learn to sleep in a toddler bed? A little information, my daughter won't nap anywhere but in her crib unless she is driven to the point of going mad. It is always a fight to get her to go to sleep, though she is getting a bit better. She is not the type of child that likes to just chill and relax, she has to constantly be moving and going. She has not once laid on the couch or in our bed with me and napped. She very much likes when we stay in her room with her until she goes to sleep but we have been doing pretty good with breaking her of that habit. It's kind of hard not to have to do that when you have an almost 7 month old requiring your attention as well. And she does great with him so it helps a little.

Right now we are living in an apartment but will be moving into our house at the end of January. She is not yet potty trained, that is a whole other problem in itself.

For those of you that have already gone through this, can you shed some light on what to expect? What you did that you found worked or didn't work? Should we attempt to convert her and get her used to sleeping in her big girl bed before we move or wait until after? And if we wait until after, how long should we wait to try?

I would greatly appreciate any advice, tips, hints, tricks or ideas. And if you need anymore information to help out, please ask.

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